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LOGIC Advisors LLC does not take positions in the commodity markets on which they offer advice. Therefore, neither principal has a personal financial stake in the market’s direction. This allows for the application of even-handed and unbiased knowledge along with experience and objectivity to the analysis required to successfully navigate through terminal position trading.

Our Specialities
Bill O’Neill – Metals, Energies, Currencies, Financials
Ron Lawson – Cotton, Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Oats, Cattle

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$3600/year for individual accounts and $6000/year for corporate entities.
Additional commodity-specific comments are available for a negotiated rate.

Phone Conference – Depending on schedules and market activity, teleconferencing services are available.

Fees for this service are negotiated at a rate based on the specific commodity, frequency of conference and duration of service.

In-Person Meeting – Occasionally, we are invited to meet with our clients face-to-face to discuss time-critical and/or highly sensitive macro-economic decisions. Schedules permitting, we can be available to travel to your place of business, an industry conference or other mutually convenient location.

Fees and travel expenses are negotiated on a case by case basis